So, it begins.

For the longest time I’ve been ‘getting round to it’. ‘It’ in this instance being sitting down and writing a post for here.


Well, ‘Solus Clothes’ – it’s not a faceless corporation, it’s a small operation very small indeed. One woman, 2 sewing machines, more fabric/supplies then I can reasonably account for and a background whirlwind of bedlam  making sure I’m always on my toes. But there needs to be a voice, I want to tell the stories of the things I’m making, sometimes it’s a weird beginning, other times – well it’s a mystery and things piece themselves together as we go along.

Join us, and by us I mean me.





If you’ve landed here, I expect you’re looking for some information about Up-cycled clothes.

As time passes, I’ll be writing bits on here, so you can follow projects through from that moment where I’ve polished up a flash of inspiration right through to the end, where I’m jubilant about what I’ve just created from the things other folk pass on as it’s not of use to them any longer.

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